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Today, Telecom Italia offers infrastructures and technological platforms that allow voice and data to be transformed into advanced telecommunications services as well as leading-edge media and ICT solutions. These tools cater for the Group's as well as the country's growth. Telecom Italia, TIM, Virgilio, La7 and MTV Italia, Olivetti are the Group's main brands; they are well-known by consumers and are a guarantee of reliability and competence.

In addition to its domestic leading position, the Group has a significant presence in Latin America, a market with large growth potential. Revenues from Brazil and Argentina count for 35% of today Group's revenues.

Being close to customers and technological innovation are the hallmarks of the Group, characterized by a streamlined organization that focuses on the quality of service, simple offers, attention to contact with customers and constant research activities in TILab laboratories.

Telecom Italia's domestic leadership - around 15 million retail network connections, of which 7.1 million retail broadband accesses, 31.7 million mobile lines – is the result of an all-round telecommunications offer that is transforming traditional communication into the new digital communication. Ubiquity, interactivity, dynamic participative services are available to all, on fixed and mobile lines, through a wide range of devices: from mobile to fixed telephones, from PCs to TVs, including smartphones, tablet computers and TV set-top decoders. The new reality is assured by the availability of broadband, which Telecom Italia provides through Adsl on 97 % of Italy's territory with the commitment to bring it to 99% by 2012- , and through mobile broadband.

For Italy's wide entrepreneurial sector, Telecom Italia can provide integrated and tailored solutions. Its portfolio comprises convergent fixed and mobile tariff plans, IP communications and high-speed connectivity, a wide range of applications such as data management and storage, security, video-surveillance and management of power consumption. Moreover, Telecom Italia offers an advanced cloud computing platform that allows enterprises and government bodies to virtualize IT infrastructure and applications.

Abroad Group's focus is on Latin America. It operates in Argentina and Paraguay, providing fixed and mobile telephony services and internet through Telecom Argentina group. In Brazil, TIM Brasil, with 59.2 million mobile lines and a 26% market share, is the second player in volume ad value.

Group's key numbers at 30 September 2011 31.7 million TIM lines in Italy, 59.2 million TIM Brasil customers 9.1 million broadband accesses in Italy, of which 1.9 million wholesale customers 15 million retail connections to the fixed network in Italy 4.1 million fixed lines, 1.5 million broaband accesses, 17.8 million mobile customers in Argentina 2 million mobile lines in Paraguay 3.7 % daily average audience share by La7 85,126 employees, of whom 58,266 in Italy 3,190 million € industrial investments (4,583 million € in 2010) 22,059 million € revenues (27,571 million € in 2010) 9,175 million € EBITDA (11,412 million € in 2010).

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