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Boosting the quality of everyday life by accelerating ICT innovation

Sustain a healthy lifestyle in Ambient Assisted Living and Active Healthy Ageing. 

With an ageing population and growing consumer empowerment, the call for a user-centric approach towards Health and Wellbeing is imperative. This user centric approach has to be enabled by innovative and entrepreneurial ICT. Supporting people with ICT based solutions can improve the quality of life giving people the chance to live uncompromised, comfortable, safe, and active. This includes independent living and avoiding social exclusion at an advanced age. The focus is on the primary prevention areas where regulation barriers are less strict. 

The ambition is to reduce the demand for expensive healthcare by detecting small physical and mental health issues early and avoiding larger health problems by suitable lifestyle interventions. EIT ICT Labs’ Action Line Health & Wellbeing strives to act on this ambition by offering ICT-based solutions that respond to the consumer demand for self-monitoring: the 'quantified-self'.

Collaboration of Education, Research, Business

Achieving the overall goals of the action line requires close collaboration in the knowledge triangle of Education, Research and Business (ERB). It is essential to collaborate and to involve Health & Wellbeing providers in this ERB triangle of cooperation. Partners that work together in the action line come from Industry, Resarch and Business.

A nice impression on how the ERB integration works in practice has to be found in an article about how EIT ICT Labs Master School students delivered a business solution to the action line Health & Wellbeing. Watch also the video impression on the Wellbeing Innovation Camp 2013.

HWB systems in Europe may be gradually opening up to new providers but there are still significant barriers in place. The creation of a HWB Business Community fits in this picture connecting SMEs from out of local ecosytems with each other in the pan-European network of EIT ICT Labs.


The focal areas of HWB activities are: Mental-, Physical-, and Social Wellbeing. The activities will involve and deploy EIT ICT Labs education, research and business catalysts as much as possible. This relates to the exploration of opportunities like innovation radars patent & standard boosters, business development and inclusion and scaling up of local initiatives into the EIT ICT Lab ecosystems. The main drive is to achieve a breakthrough in the fragmented Ambient Assisted Living for the Active Healthy Ageing market by dealing with the technical, legal, cultural, international and other barriers including the mobilisation, strengthening & integration of local HWB business communities. 

Mental Wellbeing – Enabling people to create optimum balance in life to deal with the challenges of every-day life. 
> Watch the video on Balancing Work & Life: Affective Health
> Watch the video on managing stress to: Turn out, Burn out


Physical Wellbeing - Healthy consumption and physical activity. Supporting people in promoting their health by improving what, when and how they eat and drink. 


Social Wellbeing - Encouraginging interaction with other individuals or health professionals to induce a healthier lifestyle. 
> Watch the video on the activity Social Virtual Gym
More information on Social Virtual Gym


Health & Wellbeing Business Community

SMEs get involved in HWB action line activities, connecting them better with each other and to local emerging HWB clusters of the participating nodes through the Health & Wellbeing Business Community. The HWB Business Community is aimed at helping local participating SMEs to identify new business opportunities in Europe and beyond, and to benefit from the local ecosystems of four EIT ICT Labs nodes: Trento, Helsinki, Eindhoven and Paris. MORE INFORMATION

Active Healthy Ageing Platform

Research has tended to focus on specific problems, targeting specific groups in a specific context. Often, implementing the solutions got bogged down by non-functional barriers such as legal issues per country, privacy rules or differences in social and cultural systems and habits. Therefore the partners in this action line introduce the concept of an Active Healthy Ageing platform. This platform is based on ICT innovation and expertise brought in by the partners and incorporates the functional and non-functional aspects in its design.

Expected Results

Improving the quality of life with ICT based solutions

EIT ICT Labs has drawn up Strategic Innovation Agenda (SIA) that matches the short-term and long-term goals with the (emerging) technology solutions. The SIA roadmap provides consensus on societal needs along with the technologies required and a mechanism to help forecast the technology trends and developments.

Watch the video impression of the End-of-Year Event where the activities of the Action Line Health & Wellbeing showcased their results.

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"The challenge is to accomplish people to live uncompromised, safe and active lives through to an advanced age. Enabling active healthy ageing and independent living while at the same time avoiding social exclusion."

Jean Gelissen
Action Line Leader

Leaflet Health & Wellbeing

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